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The methodology of Ariela Böhm's expressive research narrates history, human evolution, in its growth, in its becoming culture and in the history of itself, in directions that are personal, intertwined, indistinguishable and at the same time unique.
From the general to the particular and then back again, tracing poly-semantic tracks of knowledge, traveled over by one who, interpreting, transforms, and, transforming, recreates.
The birth of writing, of all writings and alphabets is interpreted as an urgency and a fundamental trait of humanity, as a perimeter and contact with the interior world, as a distancing from the indistinct and the primordial infancy of the species and the individual.
The texts, emerging from a natural matrix, create a dialogue that respects its laws and mechanisms. From their dialogue arises the metaphor that describes the internal landscape.
The choice of moldable material, which starts off soft, becomes fragile and allows for high definition, conveying the desire of translatability of complex systems.

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