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  "RACHAMIM - mothers' tears create compassion in the world", 2013, sculptural video, youtube

"Thickening", 2010, sculptural video, youtube.

"Kabbalah, between chaos and meaning", 2010, sculptural/digital video, youtube.

"The levity of culture", 2008, Il Pitigliani-Italian Jewish Centre, Rome.

"May the memory of what was merge with the matter that embraces our thought", monument in memory of the Jewish citizens who were deported and assassinated during 1943-1945, 2004, Bolzano Cemetery.

"Sul fragile supporto dell'esistenza I", 1998, Centro permanente per l'arte contemporanea, Candela, (FG)

"Percorsi III",1996, Fontana, Complesso Residenziale Wollenborg, Padova.

"Cercando....IV", 1994, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, sede centrale, Roma.

"Dall'alto V""Dall'alto V", 1994, Casa Circondariale di Viterbo.

"Dall'alto IV", 1993, Casa Circondariale di Civitavecchia.

"Mezuzah" , 1990, Centro Bibliografico dell'Unione delle Comunità Ebraiche Italiane, Roma.

Monument in memory of the Jewish citizens who were deported and assassinated during 1943-1945
Bolzano Cemetery, 25 April 2004

This monument, which was commissioned by the Jewish Community of Merano and financed by a public subscription, is dedicated to the memory of the Jewish citizens of the Upper Adige who were deported and killed during World War II.

It is in memory of three little girls in particular, the youngest Italian victims, Aida Eminente, Olimpia Carpi and Elena De Salvo, who were respectively one, three and six years old.

The monument is composed of two triangular-shaped prisms, one of which is rotated 60° and placed on top of the other so as to create a perfect Star of David when viewed from above. The upper prism, in bronze, has three plaques on each of its sides; these represent lines of people, stylized human shapes: the victims who wait or who march. The line is intended as a visual recollection of the singleness of the Nazi extermination, a meticulous organization that provided an orderly and efficient modality for the annihilation of human nature. The central plaque on each side bears the image of a little girl in remembrance of the youngest victims.

A Hebrew text in relief creates the texture of the human figures. This text, which is taken from the prayers recited on the day of Yom Kippur, is a request to the Lord for a life that is serene, peaceful and safe for the Jewish people. A network of neuronal cells winds round the entire prism and at some points is soldered onto the underlying bas-relief. The neuronal cells, which are of a smooth polished bronze, are without texture. This absence of any ethnic or cultural connotation suggests that the merger stated in the title must occur in the memory and conscience of every human being, independently of one’s nationality, religion or ethnic group, so that what happened will never again be repeated.

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